Painting Your Business Brand

Admire the Hue Painting Commercial - Painting Happy Wall Colors

Painting your business brand is one of the simple things you can do to tell your customer you mean business. Top brands use color and style to build trust with their customers and to keep them coming back. There are three reasons painting your commercial property will help establish your brand.

Set Apart from the Rest

The first reason to paint your brand is to set your brand apart. We were recently asked to bring a brand’s identity and color into their workplace. Now on the surface painting your business brand may seem like a redundant effort on top of a marketing strategy. But together we turned their space into part of their story that helps set them apart from others in their field. They requested a look that would set them apart. We used two styles of paint to give a layered effect that had an incredible finish.

Building Trust and Connectedness

Our second reason for painting is to build connection to your brand. Painting your business brand establishes the ownership of the space. Rather than entering a generic conference room you are entering a customized and claimed conference room that reaffirms your commitment as an organization.

Commercially branded space is empowering to your team, welcoming clients into the home of your business. Painting your brand colors enable you to bring company identity to life and accentuates your mission, logo, products or values.

The Lasting Effect

Finally, painting your business shows your commitment to be around for your employees and customers. Companies that plan on being around for a long time plant roots with establish web space, address and brand identity. Identity signifies their stability. (No one moves into a new home and leaves the old family’s pictures up.)

By painting your business brand in your commercial property you clearly express to your company and clients that you are here to stay. This organization was looking to change up it’s identity. They knew the importance of bringing their new branding throughout their work environment.

With forward thinking business, painting is no longer a redundant marketing ploy. Painting your offices and workspace with your unique color and brand is a planting of roots. And planting roots has quite a lasting effect on your business.

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