Painting Picture Perfect Walls

Admire the Hue Painting Perfect Walls

Painting picture perfect walls is not something that happens without care and attention to detail. Typically when Admire the Hue Painting comes into a home we see how little attention (and care) the last team gave to your painting projects. When we came into this Minneapolis suburban home, we found their interior painting it to be no exception.

Care To Do the Simple Things

Taking into account that we’re painters and are paid to notice this stuff, when we came into this home these walls looked very bad. The walls had a high sheen – like a semi-gloss paint or even some egg-shell – which made the imperfections pop. Note that having a high sheen is not bad, but will reveal the imperfections of those who don’t want to take the care to get it right.

So take the sheen you’re looking for into consideration. Also painting the ceiling is a decision you should make before painting the walls. Choosing to re-paint the ceilings can make the walls brighter and brings together a feeling of freshness to the whole room.

When you’re ready to paint your walls a good first step is to choose the sheen you want. This family wanted to go down in sheen and to do this we start with sanding. Sanding is a must to bring a high sheen down to a matte or even a flat finish. High sheen walls are easy to clean and during prep we make sure the walls are clean, dull (sanded) and dry.

Tip – Flat paint hides imperfections better in old homes or new constructions and makes imperfections far less noticeable.

This wall was in real rough shape. It used to look like the paint from the wall was dripping down at the ceiling. From top to bottom there were holes, drips, sagging that no amount of paint could hide. This is where we go to worked scraping, patching, sanding and spackling and getting the walls prepped for painting from the top down.

Why Does Painting Walls Take 2 Rounds?

After the first coat of paint you could still see the work on the holes, faint drips and roller lines from the previous painter. So we went back to flushing the walls and prepping for a second coat – which is more important than you may think.

So why apply another coat of paint to properly prepped and painted walls? Have you ever wondered this? There are 2 great reasons to apply a second coat of paint.
1. You want the color to show up in all of it’s value. When covering contrasting colors the second coat also nearly eliminates color bleed.
2. A second coat also allows the details to cover up imperfections that are revealed in between coats like drips and drops from years ago.

Attention to Detail

Let me end this by saying plainly – it’s not hard. Yes, I’m saying that it is not hard to paint walls right…but it’s even easier to get it wrong! Paint drips, roller lines, sagging paint, paint on your trim and floorboard – easy even for some professionals. In this instance even the homeowner was amazed to see the difference of our work – and they worked for and inspections agency.

Our care and attention to detail to make the difference in interior painting. We want you to have picture perfect walls and won’t have it any other way.

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