Painting Over Marker and Crayon

Admire the Hue Painting - Painting Over Marker and Crayon

When kids have the proper tools they can make beautiful works of art – until your walls are the painting canvas. Painting over marker and crayon refreshes your home and helps you sell, but it may take more work than you think.

Do The Hard Work

Markers and crayons are great on paper but on walls they can be incredibly difficult to remove. Our experience says that even the faintest crayon and thinest marker lines have the power to penetrate layers of primer and paint. That is why when we recognize the problem we don’t have to troubleshoot but go straight to working the solution.

When we came to this rental property it was clear we were seeing the work of very busy and artistic children. We first used a spray primer over the distinguishing marks that would require the attention – like heavy marker lines or deep and contrasting colors. This helps set a new texture and remove the threat of the marker and crayon.

Crayon or marker marks would resist paint even if you applied multiple coats, costing you time and money. The way that we tackled this issue was in our second step – applying a paint primer to the large sections of wall art. Painting with primer over these heavier areas ensured that we wouldn’t be coming back around with a full treatment but could apply paint without worry.

Refreshed and Restored

If you were to enter these painted rooms today you would be amazed at the transition. The marker and crayon that threatened to become a permanent installation have gone and the paint has refreshed and restored the space. It takes a little hard work but painting over marker and crayon helps you sell or take back the room that was a gallery. We can create the blank canvas for your artwork – perhaps in a frame.

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