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Home Smart Decisions for Metal Siding (St. Paul & Minneapolis)

Metal siding has gotten a bad rap as complicated and outdated. However, let the record show there are perks to all types of siding, including metal siding. There are solid reasons why you should stick with metal siding. Plus, there are great reasons to opt-in for painting when it is time to refresh your home.

In Minneapolis and St. Paul neighborhoods there are thousands of homes with character, modern design, and metal exterior.  There are plenty of reasons to stick with metal siding whether it’s the desired look or weather resilience.

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Factors like price and durability should influence your decisions. We’ve fielded and helped to navigate these questions and here is where we have landed with our customers.

1. Can Your Siding Be Painted?

First, know that painting metal siding can be done and can look great. Plain and simple people wonder if their siding can be painted. This makes sense. Few people have metal interiors, so our familiarity with painting metal is limited. However, since metal makes great siding, professional painters are actually very familiar with the product. We have great products and techniques that will give homes a fantastic finish. (So the answer is yes, it can be painted.)

2. Painting Enhances Your Price

Second, know that the price of painting metal siding is far cheaper than any replacement you can find. Often people perceive that it will be cheaper to replace metal siding than to paint, since other types of siding may be “cheaper.” Keep in mind that replacement costs include removing existing siding, which could have years of great home protection left in it.

Putting a professional coat of paint on your metal siding is a financially wise decision. In fact, by painting, you are investing in the integrity of your home. Lots of great products are designed for metal siding. These painting products are designed to stand up to weather of all seasons. That makes it a great choice for Minneapolis and St. Paul year-round.

3. Painting Finishes Great

Finally, if you’re considering painting your metal siding, (which the record has already shown is a great choice), know that it will look great. Some homeowners fear that painting will look like a 3rd grader took a brush to their entire house, and while they appreciate artistic expression as much as the next person, the sides of their home are not where they expected a “still learning” exhibit. Rest assured that professional painters can deliver the type of finish you’re looking for. With the right prep work and hand selected products, the results will be a clean and quality coat.

Now that should set your mind at ease. Painting metal siding is possible, and we’ve seen first hand how it can transform a home through the storms. Go for it. You can relax and give your home the protection and service it deserves – we’ll make sure those artistic 3rd graders stay away from your siding.

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