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Most would agree that painting business walls happy colors is a much better decision than painting the walls sad colors. When you or your business is looking for colors we can help you find the “happy” color you’re looking for.

Finding a Happy Color

When Accruent recently acquired an office here in Minneapolis, MN they were looking to bring in their brand identity using color branding. The business said goodbye to some beautiful red walls that gave some life to their work space.

They had worked with another painter and decided not to have him back, due to issues with the quality of work he produced. Some of the had already painted “looked sad,” said the office coordinator. Can you imagine doing business in a “sad” workspace or starting your day coming into a “sad” lobby? No thank-you.

So “painting business walls happy colors” was a priority in addition to providing a better service than the other company. As painters, we speak the language of color adjectives. To give the walls a happy feel we spent time doing some research. We found some very happy colors within the Pantone color family of the business brand. These “happy” colors gave the office back the beautiful workspace and was well worth the search.

This reminded us to keep our customer care at the top of our list. Spending the time to listen to their vision and doing a little homework paid off for the workspace. It also instilled in every employee a sense of value and ownership know that their voice was heard.

Details and Display

On display in this office was artwork from local artists and to feature this art they had a textured stripe running throughout the office. This attention to detail was something we weren’t going to gloss over (actually, technically, that’s exactly what we did). We were able to paint a subtle stripe by using a glossier sheen in the middle of the wall that drew the art off of the wall but stayed right on target within color guidelines of their parent company.

To finish off Accruent’s office we brought this sheen to the office’s entrance featuring a curved wall with company logo. To be sure we were dead straight we used a laser level to keep the lines crisp and unwavering.

It is rewarding to be able to hear the vision of a customer and bring the vision to life. Painting company business walls happy colors is something worth doing right.


What the administrator in charge said about our work:

“We work in a corporate office downtown Minneapolis and had undergone a change in ownership, requiring us to update much of our office. We had some terrible painters come in a few weeks before we finally hired Admire the Hue – they saved us!! Not only did they do exactly what we wanted in our space, but they even re-painted the walls that our other painter botched. Wish we had Admire the Hue from the start! They were also very friendly and professional and everyone in our office agreed that they had done an excellent job. Anything we will need done in our office in the future, we will definitely go with Admire the Hue again.”

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