Interior Painting in the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

We understand that you are looking for a local painter you can trust. Our team takes this seriously – we work hard to build your trust, and take care of your home project. Using industry equipment and knowledge we take the time to prepare your space correctly, and along with quality paints and products our experienced team will confidently complete the work you expect from professional contractors.  We know how to get your home completed with minimal disruption to your life. Admire the Hue painters are dedicated to the details that make your house feel like home.

There are several things to consider when creating a welcoming space, not only the color but also the lighting of the space. Admire the Hue painting works with owners who want to give their spaces purpose and focus to create a space that people are comfortable in. We strive to be clean and efficient while in your space and we try to get the job done with minimal disruptions for you so that your project doesn’t put your life on hold.

What makes your space unique and how does it reflect your business? We work with you to paint and create spaces that meet your goals as a business. Because your commercial property is built around serving your needs we take details that you value seriously. So we listen carefully and work diligently to exceed your expectations and make your interior commercial space fit your design.


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Since 2015 we have been serving the Minneapolis and St. Paul Area

We see the cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul, including the surrounding cities, as places of heritage. People take pride in their neighborhoods and communities. We share the values of community and since 2015 have been glad to serve so many of the Twin Cities. Whether painting businesses or homes the quality of our work maintains a personal investment in your neighborhood.

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Refresh your interior with:

  • Wall Painting, Texturing and Repair
  • Ceiling Texturing, Paint and Repair
  • High Entryways
  • Detailing
  • Woodwork Finishing (base, trim, cabinets, crown, stairs, etc)
  • Wallpaper Removal and Application
  • Water Stain Prevention & Removal

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