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Does Your Home Defend Against Hail?

The summer weather went on the attack with hail, storming down on St. Paul and Minneapolis siding. Summer is typically the season for the Sun’s rays to war on exteriors. We were called in to restore and rescue this home from more than the typical wear and tear of time and seasons.

When Tom and his wife walked out of his home after the hail storm he saw how his whole home had taken a beating. Their metal siding had been scuffed and marked on nearly every side. The shed crossed the next level of “needs help” and the back deck had been a landing pad for pebbles and stones of hail.

They wanted to bring their home back to the shining place where the grandkids play and the family garden is admired. This required a strong coat of paint and attention to the deck that would be able to battle back against the elements. This was a job for professionals who have dealt with all kinds of exterior situations. This was a job for Admire the Hue Painting. (Cue superhero music.)

Painting A Defense

Seriously. Your home can be painted to change the color, or your home can get some serious attention and upgrades.

Tom and his family weren’t looking for a huge color change but a refresh to their home. When we came and inspected the damage we saw first hand the reason for a new coat of paint. The scuffs from a few minutes of hail took the color from the metal siding yet left no serious damage. This left their home with a damaged look but without a claim to restore it.

Using the right paint won’t just cover the color variances but bring a consistent defense. There is no question this will upgrade the integrity of your home.

When we come to Minneapolis and St. Paul homes we bring paints that will protect against sun, snow, rain, and hail. Since every home is gonna take a beating throughout the seasons. We were able to get a great color match using one of our standard exterior paints. Duration paints, by Sherwin Williams, brings a great blend of technology to stand against the drying heat and the beating elements.

Siding That is Strong

Metal siding is less common than vinyl siding but isn’t any more complex to give a professional defense. We prepped the surface with a light treatment and finishing power wash. Next we let the siding dry and cover what we don’t want to paint. (Neither the soffits nor trim had significant wear or tear.)

Once everything was prepped, the home got its shield of paint. Finally we were able to get a great coat on all of the house in only a few days and finish with great weather on the horizon.

The deck got a similar treatment of washing and preparing. We laid on a great stain that brings out the natural wood and gives a place for play and picnics. With the added technology to help withstand the elements this will be a place for long standing enjoyment.

It was great to hand over a home, ready to defend against the Minnesota weather. Tom and his family are ready for the season of sun, and the occasional summer storm.

If your family is looking to refresh your gathering place, you don’t have to wait for your house to be filled with hail holes, peeling, or rotting. Contact the painting professionals with Admire the Hue Painting for your exterior painting project in the Minneapolis and St. Paul area.

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