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Admire the Hue Painting Minneapolis & St. Paul Exterior Hail Damage

When Hail Damage Strikes Home (St. Paul & Minneapolis)

Recently in, Minnesota we’ve been experiencing hail falling from the sky and restoration and roofing signs popping up from the ground. Neighbors across Minneapolis St. Paul are restoring their homes following recent storms. Despite the flurry of lawn decorations, it may surprise you that your home can be restored and strengthened without a huge claim.

Surprise! Painting is an incredible way to give a fresh look and strong defense to your home’s colorful armor. Hail damage is one of the many attacks we see as local professional painters. With all kinds of seasonal damage through cold winters, wet springs and dry summers, your house can take quite a beating. What is the tipping point at which you can tell your home is seasoned enough for restoration? Sometimes it takes a professional eye to truly assess the situation.

Paint Defense Against Hail

Admire the Hue has seen our fair share of exterior damage. Hail damage can scuff paint and fade siding without piercing materials. Homes can stand up to the damage of hail and decks can resist the pelting dings with the right treatment. Think of paint as more than simply colors and sheens. Paint technology (yes, someone is improving the technology of how we paint) has advanced defenses for exterior painting.

We have seen all types of siding knicks, scratches, scuffs and knocks, so we know what is best for your home. Whether your home has aluminum, metal, wood, etc. we’ve got the paint, tools, and team of pros for the job. We’ve done the work and tested the products to bring you the right paints and products for your home. You can still give your home a restoration with professional painting throughout this summer with Admire the Hue painting.

We’ve already done amazing exterior work in Minneapolis and St. Paul and even tackled the recent hail damage. Homes take quite a beating throughout the seasons and we’re equipped to give your home it’s first defense.

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