Chair Rail Removal Opens the Room

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Chair Rail Removal is Creating a Modern Space for Painting this Minneapolis Home

There are some elements of design that are timeless and some spaces that are ready for chair rail removal. We do a lot of painting in northern Minneapolis and St. Paul which means we see every era of home design. Today’s families are searching for ways to update the look of their home and painting is a great way to do just that.

The owners of this home were looking to update their look with a simple chair rail removal. Ripping the chair rail of the wall is a simple task, but bringing the room into a cohesive design takes finesse.

Our Painters Brought the Dining Room Walls Together

After removing the chair rail we discovered unpainted sections, uncovered wallpaper as well as ribs and ridges from previous paint jobs. The room also had a stark color gap. There were a few things to address before painting began.

First the wallpaper. Usually, the best thing to do is there remove wallpaper. But there are occasions you want a quick fix. Using Oil-based primer allowed us to paint directly over the previous wallpaper. Note that oil-based paints require great ventilation or a respirator to keep safe you from fumes. Painting in Minneapolis and St. Paul in the winter typically means using respirators.

Once the primer had cured that wallpaper was now essentially part of the wall. 

Second, he needs to smooth out the holes and rough edges where the chair rail had been. We used fast drying mud and fans to stop up the process.

Finally, we were able to blend in the previous color differences. We saved time and paint by applying the primer coat of paint to the bottom –darker color– first than we applied one final fresh coat over both halves.

We Left The Walls With A Fresh Coat Of Paint And Modern Look

What was once a drastically disjointed wall, is now one consistent color and a unified wall. The results were what our North Minneapolis resident was looking for. The drywall repair and painting we did brought this dining room together and created a beautiful modern look.

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